Saturday, May 25, 2019

When Good Tech Goes Bad

Have you ever needed to troubleshoot an issue with your computer, and your IT services pro was able to get direct access to your system from somewhere else and tackle it from their computer? While they did so, you were able to see their pointer track across the screen and go through the steps needed until ... voila! They were done, and you were back in business.

That’s a convenient ability. Giving a trusted expert direct access to your computer to take care of technical issues is a great way to facilitate IT services and quickly solve problems. That kind of support, facilitated through what is known as remote desktop protocol (RDP), has been a mainstay of technical and customer support organizations for years.

But what if that privileged access fell into the wrong hands and was abused? What if, instead of a trusted adviser, RDP was used by a criminal hacker?

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